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We Have India's Best Military School Exam Trainers With 5+ Years of Experience And Best Teaching Skills.

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With Our Experienced Facility, We Are Providing a Comparatively Higher Success Rate.

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Asian Defence Academy is A Well-Known Facility For Sainik School, RMS, and RIMC Coaching.

Best RMS Coaching In Firozpur- Asian Defence Academy

Many parents dream of their children Cracking the Entrance Test of Rashtriya Military Schools, and you may be one among them. However, some reasons, such as lack of proper information, guidance, and coaching, become hindrances to your child qualifying for the entrance test. As a solution, we here at the Asian Defence Academy help you understand the test in-depth and provide your child with the best guidance and coaching. 

Now, the Asian Defence Academy has spread its wings in Firozpur as well. So, if you are looking for the best RMS Entrance Coaching Institutes in Firozpur, then without a second thought, you should get your children enrolled in the Asian Defence Academy so that you don't have to wait much to see your children qualify for entrance for RMS.

At RMS Coaching Centre in Firozpur by the Asian Defence Academy, skilled and experienced defence officers train children for the test and make them mentally and physically strong with an ability to adapt socially. 

Why take Coaching for RMS Entrance in Asian Defence Academy?

Well, you might be thinking of preparing your child for the RMS Common Entrance Test on your own, but as we mentioned, just because of a few reasons, your child may be left behind. We aren't saying it is impossible to prepare at home, but it is time-consuming in comparison to RMS coaching, and kids can get fed up at home easily, whereas, in coaching centres, they get an environment full of competition and enthusiasm, which pushes them to do more.

Current affairs, mathematics, and English are a small portion of topics in written tests, but in addition, interviews and even small mistakes can have worse consequences. At Asian Defence Academy, we help you out in every way, so the choice is in your own hands. In this article, we have discussed a lot of things that you need to know about the RMS.

Admission procedure for Rashtriya Military Schools (RMS)

RMS entrance is taken for students of the 6th and 9th standards. Students go through a two-stage selection process, the first step of which is to pass the Rashtriya Military School Entrance.

Students who successfully crack entrance for RMS are invited to a medical examination or interview, but only those students who score best in both tests are selected. The scores of both the written test and interview are combined, and the students who come under merit are selected in different Rashtriya Military Schools, depending on the openings. Are you worried about your Kid's test? Well, there is no need for that, as the Asian Defence Academy can provide you with the best advice on how to prepare for the test, such as resources, study strategies, interview preparations, and calendars.

Our Mission

At the Asian Defence Academy, our primary mission is to empower cadets with the skills and knowledge essential for excelling in the military and successfully passing the Rashtriya Military Schools (RMS) Entrance Exam through our RMS Coaching in Firozpur. We meticulously prepare our cadets academically, physically, and mentally to become well-rounded individuals ready to join esteemed military institutions across India. Prioritizing the development of qualities vital for a successful Army Cadet, including a deep commitment to serving the nation, a strong sense of teamwork, unwavering character, and patriotism, lies at the core of our institution's mission. With this inspiring goal in mind, we exert significant efforts to maintain our position as the leading RMS Coaching Centre in Firozpur.


Our Vision

Our objective is to elevate our institute to the zenith of RMS Coaching in Firozpur by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and innovative teaching methodologies. Additionally, we aim to instil discipline, foster academic excellence, promote ethical values, and cultivate other essential attributes in our students. We are firmly committed to extending coaching opportunities to every eligible candidate, ensuring that every deserving applicant swiftly secures a place in the Indian Armed Forces and the military by availing themselves of our services.

Eligibility criteria for Rashtriya Military Schools (RMS)

If you are willing to fill out the application form for RMS, your Kid should qualify for the below-given eligibility criteria:

Age Limit criteria for admission in Sainik Schools

• Class 6-10 to 12 years (Note: Age limit is same for Girls Applicants.)

• Class 9-13 to 15 years (Note: Girls are not applicable for Class IX).

Educational Qualification

Students who are studying In 5th Standard or students who have passed class 5th can apply for the class 6th admission.

Students who are studying in 8th Standard or 8th pass students can apply for class 9th admission.

Medical Exam

Students should be medically fit to take admission at RMS, as stated by the Medical Board.

Syllabus for Rashtriya Military Schools (RMS) Entrance Test 

Before preparing for any competitive exam, the first thing we need to do is know the exact syllabus and exam pattern. In class 6th RMS entrance paper, there are four sections, each comprising 50 marks with two and half hours duration; sections include:

1.    Mathematics.

2.    Reasoning.

3.    English.

4.    GK and Current Affairs.

Class 6 RMS Entrance Syllabus for English

1.    Synonyms

2.    Antonyms

3.    Prepositions

4.    Articles

5.    Composition

6.    Comprehension Passages

7.    Framing Questions

8.    Homonyms

9.    Affirmative and Interrogative

10. Spelling Check

11. Fill in the blanks

12. Types of Sentences (Negative, Interrogative, Positive, Exclamatory), etc

13. Grammar (Verbs, Adjectives, Noun, Gender, Structure, etc)

14. Comprehension Passages

15. Construction of Sentences

16. Para Jumbled

17. Error correction

18. Singular and Plural Forms

Class 6 RMS Entrance Syllabus for Reasoning

1.    Verbal and Non-Verbal

2.    Image

3.    Puzzle

4.    Sequence

5.    Direction Sense

6.    Analogy Test

7.    Coding and Decoding

8.    Relationship

9.    Relationship of Analogy

10. Confusing Instructions

11. Same Class

12. Completion of Series

13. Assigning Correct Mathematical Signs

14. Decision Making

15. Alphabetical Arrangement of Words

16. Jumbled Spelling

 Class 6 RMS Entrance Syllabus for Mathematics

1.    Number System

2.    Percentage

3.    Prime Factorization 

4.    Profit and Loss

5.    Preparation of Cash Bills

6.    LCM and HCF

7.    Ration and Proportion

8.    Square and Square Root

9.    Measurement of Temperature in Degrees Celsius

10. Time and work

11. Arithmetic Mean

12. Unitary Method

13. Time and Distance

14. Simple Interest

15. Circumference and Area of a Circle

16. Decimal and Fraction

17. Conversion of Units of Area and Volume

18. Perimeter & Areas of Rectangle-Triangle – Square with Diagrams

19. Volumes of Solids, Cube, and Cuboids

20. Basic Geometry Concepts Such As Line, Point, Ray, Line Segment, etc.,

21. Classification of Angles

22. Construction of Line Segments

23. Circle and its Parts

24. Triangles (Angles and Angle Sum Property)

25. Quadrilaterals and Polygons

26. Interior and Exterior of Given Figures

Class 6 RMS Entrance Syllabus for General Knowledge and Current Affairs

1.    Sports

2.    Awards

3.    History & Geography

4.    Committee & Commission

5.    General Science

6.    Inventions and Inventors

7.    International Organisations

8.    Some Historical Events / Land Marks

9.    Books and Authors

10. Science & Health

11. Constitution

12. Classical Dances of India

13. Some Important Geographical Terms

14. Environment & Pollution

15. Important Events of World History

16. Popular Persons & Places

17. Economics & Population

18. Union Territories

19. States of India

20. Important Towns on Rivers

21. First in India

22. India – Important Facts

23. Countries, Capitals, and Currencies

24. Atomic Power Stations in India

25. Our Defence Forces

26. Games and Sports Terms

27. Important Days

28. National Parks in India 

29. Wild Life Sanctuaries in India

30. Abbreviations

Sainik School Class 6th Exam Pattern 2024-25

The entrance exam will consist of two papers that are Paper I and Paper-II. Paper I will be held in the first day first half which includes the tests for Mathematical knowledge, and  Language ability. Paper-Il will be an Intelligence test that contains 100 marks. Paper I will be held in two hours and paper II will be held in 50 minutes.




Number of Questions and Marks

Total Marks



50 questions of 3 marks each



G.K. (Science and Social studies)

25 questions of 2 marks each




25 questions of 2 marks each




25 questions of 2 marks each







Class 9th RMS Entrance Syllabus 

The 9th class RMS exam has 2 papers, i.e., Paper-I and Paper-II. Paper I has 3 sections, which are Social Science (30 marks), Hindi (20 marks), and English (50 marks), and the total weightage of the paper is 100 marks. However, paper II comprises two sections, Math (50 marks) and Science (50 marks), and the total weightage of the paper is 100 marks. The test is OMR-based with multiple-choice questions.

RMS Class 9 Syllabus for English

1.    Vocabulary and their Usage 

2.    Nouns

3.    Re-arranging words to make meaningful sentences

4.    Adverbs

5.    Homophone and one-word substitute

6.    Antonyms

7.    Adjectives

8.    Synonyms

9.    Grammatical Structures

10. Verb Forms

11. Articles

12. Comprehension Passages

13. Spell Check

14. Gender

15. Error Correction

16. Types of Sentences (Negative, Interrogative, Positive, Exclamatory), etc

RMS Class 9 Syllabus for Social Science

1.    Sources of History

2.    Revolt against British Rule

3.    The National Movement

4.    Establishment of the British Rule in India

5.    Various Reforms in India During British Rule

6.    Minerals and Power Resources

7.    India After Independence

8.    Natural and Human Resources

9.    Agriculture

10. The Constitution

11. Industries

12. Understanding Marginalisation

13. The Judiciary

14. Indian Parliament

RMS Class 9 Syllabus for Maths

1.    Number System

2.    Profit and Loss

3.    Ratio and Proportion

4.    Square and Square Root

5.    Simple and Compound Interest

6.    Exponents and Powers

7.    Cube and Cube Root

8.    Time and Distance

9.    Work and Time

10. LCM and HCF

11. Algebraic Expression and Identities

12. Statistics

13. Factorization

14. Mensuration

15. Unitary method

16. Linear Equation in One Variable

17. Area and Perimeter of Circles, Cubes, Cuboids, etc.

18. Probability

19. Simplification, Fraction, Comparison

20. Basic geometrical concepts such as point, line, line segment, ray, etc

21. Preparation of cash bills

22. Triangles, Circles, quadrilaterals, and polygons

RMS Class 9 Syllabus for Science

1.    Motion

2.    Acids, Bases, and Salts

3.    Sound

4.    Carbon and its Various Forms

5.    Force

6.    Light

7.    Electricity

8.    Heat

9.    Metals and Non Metals

10. Magnetism

11. Natural and Man-Made Material

12. Cell Structure and Function

13. Reproduction

14. Microorganisms and Diseases

15. Food – Production and Management

16. Nutrition in Plants and Animals

17. Solar System

18. Pollution of Air, Water, and Soil

Sainik School Class 9th Exam Pattern 2024-25

Refer the following table to know about Class 9 exam sections, number of questions and marking scheme: