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Experienced Faculty

We Have India's Best Military School Exam Trainers With 5+ Years of Experience And Best Teaching Skills.


Higher Success Rate

With Our Experienced Facility, We Are Providing a Comparatively Higher Success Rate.


AIR Recognition

Asian Defence Academy is A Well-Known Facility For Sainik School, RMS, and RIMC Coaching.

Best Sainik School Coaching In Vaishali - Asian Defence Academy


Ever envisaged your child adorned in the valorous attire of the Indian Defence Forces? Imagine Asian Defence Academy in Vaishali as the wizard turning your vision into reality, guiding your child on a path of fortitude and distinction within the armed forces.


Pinnacle of Preparedness: Sainik School Entrance Coaching Extravaganza

Enlist Asian Defence Academy for a transformative voyage in sculpting your child's eminent career. Our coaching programs are not just routines; they're symphonies orchestrating courage and brilliance in aspiring cadets, preparing them for the meticulous Sainik school entrance exam.

Nurturing Future Guardians: Essence Unveiled

At Asian Defence Academy's Sainik School Admission Coaching in Vaishali, we delve beyond textbooks. Our educators, akin to mentors, navigate the unique challenges students face during Sainik School entrance exam preparation, fostering holistic growth and development.

Mission: Distinction Beyond Vaishali's Horizons

We're not just another Sainik school coaching centre; we're sculptors of independence, resilience, and ethical fortitude. Our mission transcends conventional coaching, aiming to carve cadets into paragons of morality, discipline, and mental agility, not just for Vaishali but beyond.

Aiming for Apex: Objectives Unleashed

Asian Defence Academy aspires to pioneer Sainik School Entrance Coaching Centres in Vaishali, leveraging avant-garde technologies. Our objectives include infusing discipline, academic excellence, and morality, aligning with the core values cherished by the Indian Army.

Unveiling India's Citadel of Sainik Schools

Directed by the Ministry of Defence, Sainik Schools are bastions of leadership strewn across India. Our Vaishali hub offers the Best Sainik school coaching, a gateway to your child's triumph.

Register Now for a the Free Trial Class!


Unlock the door to a world of learning with our exclusive free trial offer. Registering is a breeze – just head to our user-friendly website and complete a quick registration form. Provide the necessary details, and don't forget to select the free trial option to kickstart your learning journey with us.

Once registered, you'll receive a confirmation email. Take a moment to verify your email address through the provided link or follow the outlined validation process. This step ensures a secure and seamless experience during your trial period.

As you step into our platform, you'll gain unfettered access to a wealth of educational resources, interactive features, and a taste of the premium services we offer. Whether you're exploring a new subject, preparing for an exam, or simply curious about what sets our learning environment apart, our free trial is your passport to comprehensive and engaging learning experiences.

This trial is designed for you to experience firsthand how our platform can cater to your educational needs. Dive into our curated content, interact with intuitive tools, and discover the support that can elevate your learning to new heights.

Why Asian Defence Academy in Vaishali?


Witness the distinctions that crown us:

  1. Savvy Mentors:
  • A cohort of educators not just teaching but sculpting futures.
  • Personalized attention tailored to individual learning quirks.
  1. Enriched Study Odyssey:
  • Crafted study materials evolving with exam dynamics.
  • Simulated drills through mock exams and practice sessions.
  1. A Symphony of Fitness:
  • Beyond books, emphasis on physical fortitude.
  • Sporting endeavors and outdoor pursuits vital for military prowess.
  1. Hostel Symphony:
  • Comfort-laden hostels beckoning students from distant horizons.
  • Dormitories fostering camaraderie and academic synergy.
  1. Navigating Futures:
  • Career counseling sessions guiding choices beyond exams.
  • Informed decisions on future military pursuits.
  1. Virtuoso Preparations:
  • Regular mock exams tuning cadets for triumph.
  • Detailed feedback directing enhancements for exam mastery.

Unveil Success with Asian Defence Academy

A saga of accomplishments:

  • Over 95% securing coveted spots in Sainik Schools or Colleges.
  • A stellar 96% satisfaction rate reflecting coaching excellence.
  • A stellar 93% achieving first-attempt success, a testament to our efficacy.

Accessible Excellence: Sainik School Coaching with Pocket-Friendly Panache

Asian Defence Academy weaves coaching finesse at affordable rates. A nominal fee of Rs. 1.36 lakhs for the entire academic year ensures brilliance without burden.


Enlist Now: Gateway to Eminence

For the epitome of Sainik School Coaching in Vaishali, step into Asian Defence Academy. Register for a Free Trial Class, not just a teaser but a tantalizing preview of your child's triumph in the Sainik School Entrance Exam. Navigate your way to our transformative expertise by Googling "Sainik School entrance exam coaching center near me in Vaishali.


Ascend with Asian Defence Academy

Beyond coaching, we're architects of excellence. Immerse in the best coaching for Sainik School entrance exams in Vaishali, charting a course of brilliance with Asian Defence Academy.


Beyond the Syllabus: Asian Defence Academy's Holistic Approach

At Asian Defence Academy, our commitment extends beyond textbooks. We believe in shaping well-rounded individuals prepared not just for exams but for life's challenges. Our holistic approach to education encompasses physical fitness, character building, and a sense of duty towards the nation.


  1. Physical Prowess:
  • While academic excellence is paramount, we acknowledge the importance of physical fitness. Our coaching includes rigorous physical training sessions, sports, and outdoor activities to instill discipline and fortitude.
  1. Character Development:
  • Sainik Schools are renowned not just for academic brilliance but also for producing individuals of character. We, at Asian Defence Academy, place significant emphasis on character building, fostering qualities of leadership, integrity, and responsibility.
  1. Patriotism and Duty:
  • The uniform of the armed forces symbolizes not just a career choice but a commitment to the nation. Our coaching instills a sense of patriotism and duty in aspiring cadets, shaping them into responsible citizens and future leaders.

Crafting Leaders: Asian Defence Academy's Unique Initiatives


In our pursuit of excellence, Asian Defence Academy introduces unique initiatives that set us apart in the realm of Sainik School coaching.

  1. Leadership Workshops:
  • Beyond academic prowess, leadership is a crucial facet of a military career. Our leadership workshops focus on honing leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and instilling a sense of responsibility.
  1. Cultural Activities:
  • A well-rounded education involves exposure to cultural activities. We organize cultural events, encouraging students to explore their artistic talents, fostering creativity alongside academic excellence.
  1. Defence Seminars:
  • To provide real-world insights into the armed forces, we conduct defense seminars where cadets can interact with military personnel, gaining valuable perspectives on life in the armed forces.

The Asian Defence Academy Advantage: Student-Centric Approach


Our commitment to student success is not just a promise; it's embedded in our approach. The Asian Defence Academy advantage lies in our student-centric initiatives.

  1. Personalized Attention:
  • Each student is unique, and our coaching reflects this understanding. We provide personalized attention, identifying individual strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring tailored guidance for optimal results.
  1. Doubt-Clearing Sessions:
  • No query is too small. Our doubt-clearing sessions provide a platform for students to seek clarification on concepts, ensuring a thorough understanding of the syllabus.
  1. Interactive Learning:
  • The learning experience at Asian Defence Academy goes beyond traditional methods. Our live, interactive online classes facilitate real-time engagement, encouraging active participation and a deeper understanding of subjects.
  1. Comprehensive Study Materials:
  • Staying updated is key to success. Our study materials are meticulously curated, reflecting the latest exam patterns, syllabus changes, and ensuring students are well-prepared for any curveballs in the Sainik School entrance exam.

Asian Defence Academy: Where Dreams Take Flight

Our success stories are not just statistics; they're narratives of dreams realized and aspirations achieved. Join the league of achievers who have walked through the gates of Asian Defence Academy and emerged victorious in their pursuit of a career in the armed forces.


  1. Success Track Record:
  • Over 800 students have successfully passed their exams under the tutelage of Asian Defence Academy, marking the beginning of their journey towards fulfilling military careers.
  1. Diverse Student Base:
  • Our coaching caters to students from diverse backgrounds, creating a melting pot of talent, camaraderie, and shared aspirations within the walls of our academy.
  1. Alumni Achievements:
  • Our alumni stand as testaments to the quality of education imparted at Asian Defence Academy, holding esteemed positions in the armed forces and contributing significantly to the nation.

Affordable Excellence: Breaking Barriers


Education should be accessible to all. Asian Defence Academy takes pride in offering top-notch coaching at affordable prices, breaking down financial barriers that often hinder access to quality education.


  1. Reasonable Fees:
  • With a fee structure designed to accommodate various financial capacities, we ensure that economic constraints do not stand in the way of a student's dream of joining a Sainik School.
  1. Scholarships and Discounts:
  • Merit is recognized and rewarded at Asian Defence Academy. Scholarships and discounts are available for deserving students, fostering a culture of recognition and encouragement.
  1. Financial Aid Guidance:
  • Navigating the financial aspects of education can be daunting. Our team provides guidance on financial aid options, making the process smoother for students and their families.

Embark on the Journey: Enroll Today


The gates of opportunity are wide open at Asian Defence Academy. Take the first step toward a fulfilling career in the armed forces by enrolling in our Sainik School coaching programs. Embrace the comprehensive approach, personalized attention, and transformative initiatives that define the Asian Defence Academy experience.


  1. Free Trial Classes:
  • Curious about what sets us apart? Avail yourself of our Free Trial Classes, a risk-free way to experience the Asian Defence Academy advantage firsthand. Simply fill out the application form, click "Apply Now," and await our call to confirm your preferred time slot.
  1. Seamless Online Enrollment:
  • Distance is not a barrier to excellence. Our online enrollment process is seamless, ensuring that students from across the country can access our coaching programs with ease.
  1. In-Person Interaction:
  • For those preferring a more traditional approach, in-person enrollment is available. Visit our Vaishali center, interact with our faculty, and embark on a face-to-face journey toward success.

Your Child's Success Story Begins Here

Asian Defence Academy is not just a coaching center; it's a launchpad for dreams. Join the ranks of successful cadets who have realized their aspirations of joining the Indian Defence Forces. Google "Sainik School entrance exam coaching center near me in Vaishali" and discover why Asian Defence Academy is the preferred choice for Sainik School coaching.

Beyond Coaching: A Commitment to Excellence

In conclusion, Asian Defence Academy transcends conventional coaching paradigms. We are not just educators; we are architects of character, mentors of fortitude, and cultivators of future leaders. Join us in shaping the next generation of guardians of our nation. Enroll at Asian Defence Academy, where excellence is not just a goal; it's a way of life.

Why Choose Our Sanik School Coaching Centre In Vaishali?


Opt for our Sainik School Coaching Centre in Vaishali for expert faculty, a comprehensive curriculum, personalized attention, state-of-the-art facilities, emphasis on physical fitness, regular mock tests, a proven track record, and a focus on holistic development. It's the ideal choice for a well-rounded and successful academic journey.


FAQs Related To The Asian Defence Academy

Here Are Questions And Answers Related To the Asian Defence Academy. Our FAQs Help You To Understand More About Us And Our Courses.

There is nothing to worry about in this. Asian Defense Academy records all its lectures. So, if you have missed any online class, you can watch the recorded video and learn from it. Or you can also clear your doubts in the Weekly Doubt Session.

Asian Defense Academy provides the Best Sainik School Coaching in Haryana with safe and sound, clean, and hygienic hostel rooms for students coming from different states and far-flung areas. And you also get the facility of a library with a quiet environment and good wifi to read.

For Sainik School Entrance Examination, 67% of seats are reserved for candidates residing in the State/Union Territory where the Sainik School is located and 2.33% seats are reserved for candidates from other States and Union Territories (UTs).

The age of the students who want to appear in Sainik School Examination should be between 10-12 years and 13 to 15 years. Boys or girls from classes VI to IX can appear in the entrance examination of Sainik School.

About Us

Asian Defence Academy is One of The Best And Result Oriented Institutions In India For Military Schools, Navodya Vidyalaya, And Gurukuls. Every Candidate Who Dreams To Enrolled In Sainik / Military and Navodaya Schools can Join Our Coaching Classes. Our Team will provide quality and result-oriented coaching classes to the students for admission to Sainik / Military Schools and Navodaya Schools.


Our Courses

Below Is A List of Courses We Provide At the Asian Defence Academy. With Our Services, You Can Crack Enrollments Exam For These Schools And Colleges.

Are You Want To Get Enrolled In Sainik School OR Want To Put Your Child In It To Make Their Future Bright? Then We Are Providing The Best Sainik School Coaching In India.

RMS Is Another Option To Make You Child Career Bright In Indian Milatiry. To Achieve This Goal, We Are Providing Best RMS Coaching In India To Make Your Child 1st Attempt Successful.

Asian Defence Academy Is Providing Best RIMC Coaching In India For Admission Exam Cracking. With Our Coaching And Facility, You Can Crack the Entrance Exam of RIMC With Just Single Attempt.

Want To Study In The Navodaya Vidyalaya, Then Our Coaching Facilites Can Help You To Achieve Your This Goal. We Are Providing Best Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam Coaching.

Get Enrolled In The Gurukul Kurukshetra Is Not An Easy Task. For It You Have To Pass Their Entrance Exam. We Are Providing Dedicated Batch of Gurukul Kurukshetra Exam Coaching In India.

Why Choose Us

Now You Want To Know, Why Asian Defence Academy is the Best Option For You If You Want Coaching For Military Schools, College, Vidyalaya, OR Gurukul, Then In This Section, You Will Get Answers to These Questions.

Big Library

We Have A Dedicated, Clean, And Large Library Hall With All Subjective Books And Notes For Preparation for Entrance Exams.

Dedicated Batches

At Asian Academy, We Provide Dedicated Batches For Every Entrance Exams So You Can Pass Them In Your 1st Attempt.

Doubt Sessions

To Clear Every Doubt And Improve Knowledge About The Subjects OR Exams, We Held Separate Doubts Session Regularly.

Test Series

To Evaluate And Improve Students Knowledge During The Preparation, We Organize Various Online And Offline Test Series.

Experienced Facility

We Have a Team of 5+ Years of Experienced Teachers To Provide the Best Guidance, Skill, And Knowledge To Our Students.

Unmatched Results

Asian Defence Academy Is Providing Unmatched Results From the Past 10 Years In Military Entrance Exam Coaching In India

Our Gallery

In The Below Section, You Will get Images of our Various Activities And Our Institute Campus. We Also Featured Our Some Brilliant Students Here.

Book Your Seat Now

Want To Get Enrolled Successfully In A Military School/College, Vidayala, OR Gurukul, Then Join Us And Book Your Seat Now In Our 2023 Batch. Fill out The Below Form, And Our Experts Will Guide You With The Rest of The Process.



Not Only Our Students but Their Parents Too Appreciate The Courses And Facilities of the Asian Defence Academy.

Student Video Testimonial

Not Only Our Students but Their Parents Too Appreciate The Courses And Facilities of the Asian Defence Academy.

Sainik School In India

Sainik School In India

Sainik School is located in the palace of the erstwhile maharaja of Kapurthala. The palace was built in 1908 on the pattern of Versailles built by Louis- the xiv of France.

RMS - Rashtriya Military Schools in India

RMS- Rashtriya Military Schools in India

RIMC- Rashtriya Indian Military College

RIMC - Rashtriya Indian Military College

Navodaya Vidyalaya In India

Navodaya Vidyalaya In India

Gurukul In India

Gurukul In India


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